Weddings are expensive! There is no way around it even if you’re going for the simplest of simple. Somehow you will end up spending more than you’d hope, this actually happened to me! With my husband and I on a tight budget especially adding two little ones in the mix I knew my wedding was really going to be budgeted so, I decided to do as much DIY as I could! My favorite project has been chalkboards!

I love these boards because they are so versatile and can do with just about any theme such as; baby showers, weddings, baby announcements, and birthday parties! I use them all the time and have maintained just as expected. They are extremely durable and reusable. 

The supplies you will need are:

  • An old picture frame can be any size. I found 3 identical ones but in different sizes. The backing of the frame was not attached so it was the outer shell of the frame (thrift stores has so many like it’s going out of style!)
  • Next, you’ll need Black chalkboard paint, you can find this at any craft store or store that carries art supplies.
  • You’ll need a paintbrush and some glue if the backing is gone.
  • Tile wood. or very thin wood found at lowes.
  • A saw to cut the wood. If you do not own a saw no worries! Measure out the frame and Lowe’s will actually cut it for you!
  • Lastly, you’ll need sandpaper

    Steps to follow:
    Sand all the edges on your piece of wood along with the front which you will later paint. Once completed and all of the dust of the sandpaper is off you will then paint the wood using the chalkboard paint ( it does dry very quickly)

    After the wood has dried, place the piece of painted wood inside the frame with the paint facing down. You will then glue around the edges to seal it or if you’re frame still had the metal prongs use those metal prongs instead. After the edges are dried and sealed you are all set!

    Personal recommendations:
    For chalk, I recommend the decorative chalk at hobby lobby. Be sure to read the directions on the paint because some brands will not wipe off as you’d expect them.

    I hope you find this DIY as easy and cost-effective as I did!