For all those mommas on a budget or those stuck inside during this pandemic waiting on their little one or taking milestone photos this is for you!  It is a beautiful super-easy way to take photos in the safety of your own home!

What you’ll need is :

  • flowers- dried, wood or fresh heads/ petals
  • Half a gallon of whole milk (Half of that if its for a baby)
  • A tub or a bowl-like for example; metal troth.
  • Camera
  • Natural lighting —best when midday you’ll want that extra light since you’ll be inside if you’re able to go outside when it turns cloudy will give you the best outcome!

Here’s what I did:

I filled the tub up halfway with water and then added the milk so it was able to mix to the consistency that I wanted. After the milk and water blended I allowed who I was photographing settle into the tub. If it’s an infant who cannot you’ll place then where you want. After they were in the correct position I would then place the flowers or petals around them. During the shoot, the flowers would tend to float towards each other so you’ll want to stir them around occasionally so they do not clump together.

If you have a step stool those work like a charm!

I always took photos above my clients so that I could get all of the flowers and utilize the beauty of the shoot

Adding Lace and bows are always an adorable option optimizing the Portrait since the lace and bows bring out the texture into the photo making it simply elegant.

I also recommend taking a million photos while you are in there. I guarantee some you will not be fond of so this way you’ll have a wide variety to choose from and pick to edit for your collection.

If you need some ideas for poses Pinterest has many variations that range from easy to more advance so it can be used by anyone!