Hey guys! Today I’m here to show you how to do this fun diy triangle accent wall –

Supplies needed: 

  • 1 medium sized potato (for the stamp)
  • Small can of black paint 
  • One sheet of paper (for practice stamping)
  • Small cup or bowl (to dunk the stamp into instead of a big paint can)
  • Tray, lid, or paper towel (to dab excess paint off the potato stamp) 
  1. Collect your supplies: Go get a potato out of your pantry. 
  2. Make your stamp: Cut off a quarter of the potato (see reference to photos below on how to make the potato stamp) I cut the shape I wanted then went around the edges to cut off access potato so the shape would stick out. (Feel free to get creative and make ANY shape you want!!) 
  3. Practice: Second practice stamping the potato into the paint then on the paper to play with the amount of paint desired. You don’t want the paint too thick or it’ll drip down your walls. So use the tray or lid to dab off some of the paint. **Reference to pictures below**
  4. Start painting: Start on the top or bottom of the wall and work your way up or down the wall. I made mine a little sporadic but tried to keep the same distance apart from each other. I recommend pushing pretty hard to get a clean crisp triangle (or shape). If you don’t push too hard or make sure the stamp is firmly pressed you’ll get some wonky triangles like some on my wall. Lol zoom in for reference. I recommend picking one wall or two opposite walls. I did two opposites so you see one when you walk into the bathroom and then see the other wall when your sitting on the toilet. I also found this cute wicker shelf off facebook marketplace for $10.00. The paint I had left over from a different accent wall. So this project only cost me $10.00 overall.
  5. Finished: There you have it!!! A gorgeous ridiculously cheap accent wall that’s super fun and makes your room more interesting. Have fun with it guys! Don’t sweat it if you mess up a handful or more you won’t be able to tell once you’re done with the entire wall. Hope y’all enjoyed this diy, share with your friends!! 

Thanks for looking! 

Love,  Katie