Welcome to Summit Sisters! What a time to be alive?! It’s so crazy to us that we are living in history right now.

It’s scary as moms being in the unknown right now.  We hope everyone is staying safe and hasn’t lost complete sanity yet! As two work from home and stay at home moms, we get it! It’s hard to work and contain a child. esp terddlers.

So a little about us as friends: Katie and I actually met on what we call the mom dating app “Peanut”.  I had just moved to the area and needed mom friends!  Katie was new to the mommy role and wanted to make some connections. We instantly clicked and our first “date” was actually to a thrift store and Target. I mean that’s what quality relationships are made of.

Since that first trip, we have connected on so many levels. Our love of design, DIYs, crafts, being mommas, and our love for being humble hippies.

I’ve been wanting to unleash a blog for such a long time now, but I’ve always worked best as a team.  Katie and I bring a mix of experience and taste, which will give you more creative content!

We hope that you follow our journey and that we may give you some peace and projects in this unknown time.